Prayer Requests

Maurice Y. Post
July 31, 2016
21st July 2016 I got adjournment from the High Court on bankruptcy hearing to 5th January 2017 09.00Hrs.

29th July 2016 one bank just executed seizure to my home furniture and electrical appliances.

Presently I am still indebted with the banks of US$700,000.00

High chance of my family be homeless if I am unable to raise this money amicably to pay the banks.

Till now still no job interviews nor job offer?

Brothers and Sisters please help to pray for me for God to immediately intervene.

Thank you.
Kathleen R. Post
July 20, 2016
We are among the many who experienced the Erskine Creek fire devastation in Lake Isabella, CA. God spared our home and our animals and our lives...there are still so many with needs and in need of the Savior. Pray we can be used of God to be a light among the ashes.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 20, 2016
Hi , I wanted to please ask for prayer, right now Im in desperate need of healing. Im 28 and Im having severe heart pain, heart racing and palpitations that happen all of a sudden. I have an appointment with the cardiologist for a heart ultra sound. Im really fearful that Im going to die because when the palpitations happen it feels like im going to faint and die and theres a lot of pain.My father has a history of heart issues on his side his 2 sisters died from heart complications one at 12 and one at 24. Im a single mom to a 5 year old girl and I live with My mother, they are my best friends and only family. they are both so worried and so am I. Ive been to the emergency room 20 times over the last 6months and last night I felt like My heart was hurting and racing so fast in my dream that I woke up crying for my life to God and I had to go the the E.R at 3 am. this morning my daughter woke up crying and said she dreamed a scary dream that I died and she was crying hysterically and my mom is worried sick. Please pray for us,were at our wits end We have alot of faith and we believe God can heal me instantly but were also fearful and tired. we often times feel like no one cares. please pray that God heals me instantly, hes done it before when I was 15 and had a leg shorter than the other it grew instantly! I know he can do it again. Thank You for your time, May God Bless You. Thank You in advance for the prayer. -Elizabeth
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 22, 2015
I pray that every department will operate the way it is supposed to.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 24, 2015
Respected Brother/Sister,

Praise the Lord.

I'm Karuna Karan, myself and my spouse who are believer of Lord Jesus.

God has blessed us boy baby on 24th August-2015, however the baby is born with clef and palate issue which is broken our hearts and we are in dejected situation, I humbly request you to pray for our baby to heal in miraculous way by our lord Jesus Christ so that we shall share our testimony to the world post which people who don't know God may see God's glory and know he is the only god who is the real savior.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 24, 2015
Praying and asking God to lead me to the right church so that I may get the word n grow.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 14, 2014
Please God if it be in your will provide for you the right keys to open the right doors in order to make a giant step in the war against drugs. Thank you for all that you do for us. In Jesus Christ Name and with love I pray Amen
kimberly r. Post
June 26, 2014
Vincent M. Post
April 13, 2014
Praying for my wife and children...And for the Lord's protection be among us...
LaTanya D. Post
November 24, 2013
My prayer is for God to work on me and my faith. I ask for his blessings throughout my life that I may overcome my troubles and just believe in his word and love.
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